GPA switch (for GP1 EVO & GET Power)

Known as the "Power Control" switch, the GPA switch comes standard with every GP1 EVO tuning module and is optional for the GET POWER module.

GPA is the revolutionary engine control system that breaks new grounds in managing power in off-road single-cylinder engines. The system automatically monitors the rate of acceleration using trace mapping in a dynamic way, This will allow higher corner speed under any ground conditions. Thanks to this new system, the rider can focus exclusively on finding the best lines on the track. you can achieve higher speed in corner entry and exit under all ground conditions, better direction control on very slippery grounds.

Setting's 0-10 allow you to set for any track condition

This Accessory can be used with any of the GET FI ECU units.
This Feature is now used by Most of the top pros and MX champions.

Price: $189.99