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Suzuki Hyabusa
Tuning products for the 1999-2009 Hyabusa

Ignition Coil : TICK4001D

Black Ops Moto high output ignition coil

Black Ops Moto high output ignition coil.
This part number includes 4 ignition coils.

Dyno testing has consistently shown gains of 6 to 8 hp on average while increasing throttle response.
Most all customers also notice easier starting (hot or cold) and a much harder pull (acceleration) from the bottom end to peak.

These upgraded performance coils also outlast the Denso units without the nagging spark leakage found in the stock units.

These Units are a must for turbo and nitrous applications

Notes : N/A
Dyno Results
    No dyno results are available for the 1999-2009 Hyabusa,,, yet.