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KTM SX125 JD Tuning ignition
Tuning products for the 2005-2010 SX125

Ignition Coil : TICK0005D

Black Ops Ignition coil

Black Ops Moto high output ignition coil.

Dyno testing has consistently shown gains of 1.5 to 2 hp on average while increasing throttle response.
Most all customers also notice easier starting (hot or cold) and a much harder pull (acceleration) from the bottom end to peak.

Comes with all proper connectors


Ignition Tuner : JDKTSX125-05

JD Ignition CDI tuning module

JD Ignition CDI tuning module.

Programmable CDI comes with a switch for the handle bar to allow you to select between 2 different tune MAPS.
Tuning can be done to also allow for a better traction softer hit from the bottom. And a full power tune.

Tunes are switchable on the fly.

Custom programming is available for engine modifications and fuel types.

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Dyno Results
    No dyno results are available for the 2005-2010 SX125,,, yet.