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KTM SXF250 JD Tuning ignition
Tuning products for the 2006-2010 SXF250

Ignition Tuner : JDKTSXF250-06


Programmable CDI comes with a switch for the handle bar to allow you to select between 2 different tune MAPS.
Tuning can be done to also allow for a better traction softer hit from the bottom. And a full power tune.

Tunes are switchable on the fly.

Custom programming is available for engine modifications and fuel types.



GET hour meter

GET stick on wireless hour meter, Its what all the Pros are using.
No more twisting wires around the ignition harness.

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Performance Exhaust KTM SXF250 MIVV

Dyno Results
    No dyno results are available for the 2006-2010 SXF250,,, yet.