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Unleash the power with Black Ops Coil on Plug technology.


Black Ops Performance Coils

Black Ops Moto has developed an aftermarket, high output, ignition coil-on-plug technology. Unlike traditional ignition coils, coil-on-plug has several features not found on older style ignition coil designs. Black Ops Moto is the leader in testing and producing the latest generation ignition coil products such as high output pencil style ignition coils.                                                             

Coil on plug coil

Black Ops Moto coils are a high voltage multiple spark discharge coils for improved engine performance and throttle response. Black Ops Moto has also coupled a high output X2 Focal Core which is used in conjunction with internal super conductors to focus the energy field in the ignition coil for a longer, hotter, higher efficiency spark event. The materials used and the overall design of the Black Ops Moto coils are also made to dramatically reduce energy loss via hysteresis (energy loss in an ignition circuit) vs OEM designs ensuring greater engine response and performance characteristics from your engine.  
As a result, energy is increased at the spark gap allowing more energy to be released in your combustion events. This ensures the Black Ops Moto coils start your engine easier and delivers more horsepower.

Fuel Injection Tuning

The Black Ops Moto/JD Racing Ignition USA provides you the missing link to take control and demand more from your motorcycle. The bike mounted ignition and/or fuel injection tuning boxes (ECU) have the same pinouts as the stock boxes (ECU’s) so installation is very quick and simple. All ECU’s have an optional USB cable and sensor reader software which you can view in real-time. This includes: pressure, TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), air temperature and water temperature. The ECU has two independent programs (maps) which allows the rider to be able to switch between them at any time while on the bike just by pushing the rocker switch that gets mounted to the handle bar. Just plug in and you’re ready to go.

Fuel Injected Bikes

Tuning Mike Alessi SuzukiElectronic Fuel Injection systems are some of the most complex components on your dirt bike. They are also some of the most rewarding to the rider if tuned correctly. This is why professional tuners are in such high demand from today’s top riders. When tuning an electronic fuel injected bike, the data controlling the fuel mixture and spark timing is being altered. Each engine type/size and setup will require a unique set of data to achieve its ultimate power and efficiency. The camshaft, compression ratio, head design, intake and exhaust system all influences the torque curve of the engine. Because of this, fuel delivery and spark advance must be altered to achieve maximum safe power gains. If you’re the tinkering type or the competitor who demands all the power available, then fuel injection tuning will be the single most powerful knowledge to have.

Carbureted Bikes

Depending on the make & model used, the internal ECU analyzes several variables such as pick-up inputs, actual engine RPM, throttle position and the gear position. We analyze all the data acquired in real time to provide the right ignition spark. The ECU can make a control feed-back operation at every engine revolution for better accuracy and performance. The power map can be viewed from 1,850 RPM to unlimited. If your carburetor has the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) and/or the Power-jet, our electronic ignitions can manage these functions. Power-jet can be set as closure or as released in a range from 1,900 to unlimited RPM, with a solution of 50 RPM. The internal ECU also supports a RPM limit-switch. The start of this function may be set in a range from 5,000 to 20,000 RPM’s.

Manage up to 32 active points to define your best curve. Define a specific curve for each of 8 throttle positions. The internal ECU will interpolate data in real-time for intermediate throttle positions. Define a set of curves for each gear you use. Set different Power-jets parameters for each curve.

The Black Ops Moto/JD Racing USA Ignitions are provided with a standard power map. You can personalize it through your Black Ops Moto dealer or you can do it yourself if you purchase the related software.

So what does this all mean? The bottom line is that your motorcycle performance greatly improves. Black Ops Moto products will increase engine horsepower and torque. From this, your motorcycle will be quicker off the starting line and out of turns. It will rev quicker and longer down the straights and throttle response will snap without hesitation. Black Ops Moto ignition and tuning will improve engine starting whether cold before a race or hot during a moto. Massive torque when you take off and impressive horsepower to keep it screaming. Your bike will have a new feel that’s sure to impress. No more advantage to those with the factory support.


*Please note: all returns will incur a 20% restocking fee.