Q: My bike engine is already heavily modified. Will these products still make improvements for me?
A: Even more so. A high compression motor with aftermarket cams will benefit tremendously from the Black Ops Moto coil and tuning. When a high compression motor is stalled during a race it can be very hard to start back up when hot. Both the Black Ops Moto coil and tuning will help the bike start much easier. A modified engine demands a different amount of fuel, spark and timing to make it run at its full potential. A stock coil and stock fuel/ignition mapping is just too inefficient to keep up with the demands.

Q: Is that popping sound normal when you rev a motor?
A: This can be from a number of things. Two common areas are that the motor is running lean or poor quality ignition coil (or both). We’ve found that the stock ignition coil is so poorly designed that it just runs out of power even while the engine is still trying to accelerate (thus the popping).

Q: There were some times when my Suzuki RMZ would overheat and then the bike just wont run anymore unless I take to the bike to the dealership to reset the computer.
A: This is called “limp mode”. The Suzuki has a safety feature that when the computer recognizes that the coolant temperature reaches a certain unsafe temperature (determined by the manufacturer) then it will put it into a “limp mode” to protect the engine from overheating and breaking. Since our tuning box replaces the factory ECU (Electronic Control Unit) you will never have this problem. Our tuning box even allows you to pull back timing to prevent damage when the water temperature reaches a predetermined temp.


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