Black Ops Moto is composed from some of the most talented and aggressive motorcycle enthusiasts you will find in the performance electronics industry. We are dedicated to providing the best performance products possible. Black Ops Moto comes from years of experience in the performance world with both automotive and motorcycle applications. The brain trust of Black Ops Moto has been involved with motorcycle performance since the late 1970’s racing district 6 motocross in the northeast for many years and even qualifying for the famous Loretta Lynn’s National amateur championship race. Black Ops Moto tuners were involved with ECU mapping and tuning the worlds fastest Buick Grand National. They also were involved with the tuning of a 2003 Mustang Cobra Bonneville Salt Flats record holder as well as the current Drag Racing World Record holding Ford Lightning in the truck class.

Our tuners have worked with Rolex Daytona Prototypes and GT Cup cars, lending their experience to ECU mapping under racing conditions. Since motorcycles have moved to EFI it was only natural for our team to use our passion and experience to create and develop new products for them. Although the name is new to the motorcycle industry, you can be assured the team behind the name has years of experience.

The goal and intent of Black Ops Moto is to provide the very best in tuning and performance products for motorcycles. These products are designed and tuned to work with each other which will create the results needed to be competitive. Our dyno and race proven performance gains will show that. We are dedicated to supply the professional, privateer and weekend warrior with top quality race proven parts that will be able to compete against the works and factory backed race teams and at a price that will allow you to afford it. We are dedicated to the core racer.

So, with over 32 years of motocross experience and 24 years of computer controlled race engine tuning, sales and technical support service, we instantly blitz the whoops at wide open throttle. As a result of this, each of its employees solidifies a long proven track record which has already created a rock-solid foundation. Black Ops Moto offers some of the most innovative and ground breaking products ever introduced to this market. From electronics to mechanical, you will find products that will get your adrenaline pumping as well as unleash your bike’s full potential. We guarantee full attention to detail and quality with each product that will leave you with the feeling that you have made the right choice.