The Engine Calibration Specialists.

The engine control unit (ECU) is the computer that controls engine operation including fuel injection, ignition timing, and other functions. Proper "programming" of the ECU is required to achieve the desired performance behavior of the engine. This calibration is done by factory engineers for stock engines. Changing hardware components (exhaust, heads, compression, cam, intake, etc..) on the engine often requires a recalibration of the ECU to allow the engine to operate effectively and at its best efficiency.


Mike Alessi is tuned by Black Ops   

Before we begin calibrating your bike, we’ll ask a series of questions about the modifications that you currently have done to the bike as well as gather some information about you (riding style, weight) and finally some information about the race track you’ll be riding. With this information, we can then begin creating your custom calibration which will be tailored just for you. Since we’re constantly testing to refine our skills, our efforts behind-the-scenes help us stay ahead of the pack.


Areas that we concentrate on to provide the best results…

  • Engine efficiency 
  • Understanding engine airflow models and calculated load
  • Using load to determine engine needs
  • How the ECU models the fuel injector’s behavior
  • ECU control strategies
  • Air/fuel ratio requirements for power
  • Spark requirements
  • Using a datalogger and a dynamometer for diagnostics

Calibrating tools

  • Steady State vs. transient testing
  • Actual calibration procedure
  • Temperature compensations
  • Airflow corrections
  • Finding MBT, Knock
  • Altitude compensations
  • Wideband O2 monitoring 

Our services are available for:

  • Individuals 
  • OEM’s 
  • Race teams 
  • Manufacturers of aftermarket parts 

Race teams that we have done custom calibrating for:

  • Alessi Racing
  • Rock River
  • Gary Semics - 2012 LL's 50+ Champion